The moment have to the great wedding speech be delivered…?

How weddings have changed on the decades! From a handful to 400-500 invited guests; one-two to six-eight wedding party members; an easy wedding car to expensive and big wedding cars; three course meals to six course meals; 1 to 3 live bands; simple attire to colorful and flamboyant dresses, suits and attire and off-the-cuff to well-prepared wedding speeches.

Talking about aforementioned, wedding speeches are still an important part of a married relationship and guests do anticipate hearing them, referring to them before, during as wll as after they’ve been delivered.

We are all aware of wedding speeches delivered prior to the meal, throughout the meal and after your food, however it is of your strong opinion that the wedding speeches should be delivered after the meal. I know that for several wedding ceremony speakers i.e. Father in the Bride Speech, Father of the wedding speeches (5 main speakers), they would choose to have the wedding speeches prior to the meal, to enable them to enjoy their meal (a lot of them are spending money for it!). However, it’s all about the invited guests and how most of them (and indeed wedding ceremony venue staff) would like the marriage speeches to be delivered after the meal for several reasons, many of which include:

The invited guests are already fed and watered and aren’t listening to wedding speeches before eating any breakfast (at least of food, which would be so ahead of the meal, though weddings today do provide light snacks upon arrival at the wedding venue)
Food may be cooked and served in the agreed time (introduce the wedding ceremony speeches prior to the meal along with their might be a delay of Fifteen minutes to at least one.5 hours, driving the kitchen staff crazy attempting to keep food freshly cooked, presentable and edible)
The marriage speeches work as the transition from the meal towards the dancing (broke happening after the meal, people are expecting ‘a few words’ being shared about the Bride & Groom after which it they are fully aware they’re able to get up, move around, come out, take a stroll, go to the bar…)
It’s not easy for fogeys of the Bride & Groom to communicate in public places, since most of them couldn’t survive used than it. So, they can, should they so wished, speak ahead of the / their meal.

There should be some sort of formal wedding speech(es) after the meal…

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