Discover The Reason Why Mindlessness Is Helplessness

Mindlessness in A Course in Miracles (ACIM) means more options than not paying attention. Since we opting for all the time, being mindless is agreeing together with the miscreations in the ego thought system to spotlight the projected kinds of the globe as reality rather than the mind as the cause. It can be avoidance of admitting the selection we are really making which is to deny Love, God and Truth by pretending unfortunately we cannot see how we are choosing, or that we are unable to choose differently (helpless).

ACIM is centered on content, or even the mind, you use for the cause; and cause ‘s what you are choosing, or agreeing with, in the mind. The thing is that the related effect after you do that. Forms are the behaviors and things projected in the world as miscreations made by the ego, i.e., they can be merely judgments from agreeing using the ego mind as cause.

Forms are mindlessness which ends up in helplessness. All-natural progression likes projected passive-aggressive behaviors to handle situations.


The definition of mindless is, “Acting or done without justification or concern for that consequences.” To put it differently, you perform like you don’t have any idea your work and there’s no choice.

Let’s be clear: It’s agreeing with the ego that you are a helpless victim of forms (effects of the ego) as there are nothing you can do but modify behaviors. You are choosing the “right” and “wrong” ego mind perception that’s agreeing with error and using error to correct error.


The word ‘helpless’ is, “Unable to shield oneself or act without help,” and yes it plays out similar to this:

Help: Mindlessness is selecting (agreeing to) the ego’s help while you focus on forms as an alternative to content. You’re subject to ego conditions, must choose included in this for experiences, and discover not a way out (helpless).

Defense: Whenever you attempt to solve form problems within form, as an alternative to giving them up for correction of the mind, the one ego option would be attack. All attack is supposed to defend (protect) the ego’s errors, i.e., go along with them by joining them that’s projection.


Passive-aggressive thoughts and behaviors are the ego’s treatment for this mindless helplessness. This is a strategy to feel stronger plus charge of the planet.

Most consider war a hostile attack. Passive can also be a panic attack or a denial passion because it is agreeing with ego conditions (errors) and projecting those onto another. Since it is so covert, it is harder to identify before you decide a person has had enough, take it into the light and consider it.

Ego Wrong Mind:
Overt Attacks (blatant and obvious)

Ego Right Mind:
Covert Attacks (concealed and hidden)

Through guilt (shame and embarrassment), we’ve been taught to never express anger since it is wrong. Also, there exists a anxiety about punishment for sins (things we consider wrong). This leads directly to passive thoughts and behaviors and vacillation between those and aggressiveness.

Aggressive is: “Readily or prone to attack or confront.”

Passive is: “Accepting or allowing what others do without active response or resistance.”

Passive will be the covert (concealed and hidden) adaptive “anger behind the scenes” victim attack. Here’s some methods the ego’s judgments attack as a result of the no-way-out scenario of forms:

Avoidance – ignore – evade – procrastinate – obstruct – non-communication – competition fears – being ambiguous – sulking – tardiness – chronic forgetfulness – nervous about intimacy – fear of dependency – making excuses – resentfulness – irritability – cynical or hostile attitude – sullen – victim and victimizer – self-pity – blaming – withholding – learned helplessness

Helplessness is asking error to unravel error. The ego’s answer to that is even more feelings of insecurity, mistrust, not enough truthfulness, resentment, all negative feelings and making enemies. It is just a matter of time until aggression gets control.

Forgiveness to eliminate

Let’s attract our continuing discussion of forgiveness to sneak. If you feel about to catch using any of these aspects, you may want to reconsider because perform. In ACIM, this world appeared by us because we thought we might do “better than” God and his awesome Love. The ego’s projections (attacks) are going to put your sin, guilt and fear seemingly outside yourself so you can feel as if you’re a lot better than another.

Superior to you: Passive covert victim is (a) the worry of competition because someone else could be better and, (b) because they haven’t any choice (mindless). Aggressive overt victimizer is (c) passive or aggressive attacks to harm another. You’re here since you thought you could do better; and all projections (that is everything) are very you’ll be able to feel much better than somebody else (separation).

Just like you: Passive covert victim is (a) agreeing with one of these inescapable and mindless ego forms and types of conditions. Aggressive overt victimizer is (b) using passive or aggressive attacks to harm another. You are same in sin (error) and also the best to correct error (forms) is usually to accept error (mindless).

Martyr: Passive covert victim is (a) as being a victim of the behaviors carried out to them. Aggressive overt victimizer is (b) using passive attacks to hurt another, i.e., the tirade of angry thoughts judging the victimizer’s sins. You will agree that error (sin) is real, has to be judged and punished with death.

Bargaining and compromise: Passive covert victim is (a) as you just agreed (bargained) with the ego’s errors for help. Aggressive overt victimizer is (b) using passive or aggressive compromise to remedy the behaviors in the broken bargains. You’re a slave for the ego’s help because you agree this can be a mindless (form) world, no chance out; along with to take care of situations by modifying behaviors (bargain and compromise) within error.

Capacity to Decide

Unfortunately we cannot see we have the energy to make a decision until we stop emphasizing form conditions of the ego (behaviors and things) and go inward. Real change is simply within the mind that is certainly in places you will discover the perfect solution is.

The power of our power to choose is based on where we have been choosing in the split mind. Ego says the option is between its own aspects (ego right and wrong mind), the choice inside illusion. Really, the strength depends on opting to give up every aspect of the illusion for the reality (Love). The Course is aimed at your choice maker for this function.

In ACIM, it states that all of our misery originates from the point that we’re powerless; knowning that being helpless will be the expense of deciding to trust sin since the truth about ourselves. Helplessness (effect or condition of sin) is merely a form of attack the industry denial from the real Truth that you’re a sinless mind and also have the ability and strength to select differently at anytime.

Choosing to believe (agree) in helplessness also results in believing about to catch the Son of God and they are therefore His enemy and attack is necessary. Helplessness and victimization attacks (projections) actually keep the hate going so that you feel like you’ll be able to control and rule the world. Also, in a strange ego twist, if you aren’t willing to attack, you are an enemy with the ego because you aren’t accepting its interpretation of salvation and may actually choose out of your system don’t forget God (its biggest fear).

Listening and agreeing with all the ego has projected quantity of sin for perception from the body. By going out of forms and back into the mind, we could perceive (see) through the vision from the Holy Spirit where life like a simply denial of affection, no error has occurred, nothing has happened and it is not real. The theory originated us (Source) from the mind and now we can decide to cease.

Creation is Love and that is what is real. So that you “see,” denying forms and going into the mind exchanges helplessness for strength within the mind to pick differently. That is choosing again. The ego’s difference is separation and covertly choosing between its errors.

In Love, happiness can be a constant which never changes because whenever we choose Love, we are picking out the changeless. Our desire is definitely the necessary evidence our capacity to choose again (differently). Not to to be helpless and mindless any further, stop trying the need to be doing this and alter you mind. That’s all we should instead do.

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