Tesla Upgrades US-made Model 3 With Wireless Charger

Tesla has upgraded Model 3 vehicles built at Fremont Factory in america with features first introduced in Model Y and Chinese-made Model 3 vehicles, as being a wireless phone charger and USB-C ports.

For the most part, the Model Y’s interior is extremely comparable to Model 3, aside from the bigger cargo space along with the eventual third-row seats.

Tesla started Model Y deliveries in March, when the automaker delivered the first units, we had arrived surprised to master the new electric SUV came standard with a Qi wireless phone charger.

In Model 3, it is simply sold being an aftermarket item and doesn’t come standard together with the electric car.

Model Y also comes with USB-C ports unlike Model 3.

Last week, Tesla added those features to Model 3 vehicles built-in China.

At the time, we speculated that Tesla would also bring the functions to Model 3 vehicles integrated Fremont, that was de-activate at that time due to the pandemic.

Now we discover Tesla has indeed updated Model 3 vehicles made in america together with the Qi wireless phone charger and USB-C ports.

Bryan Finnegan took delivery of an new Model 3 now and confirmed the electric car has become furnished with the brand new features.

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