Health and vaccinations

Tourists visiting Tajikistan are not required to be vaccinated, however, they must have the most recent in Tetanus and Typhoid and Polio, Hepatitis A and Polio. Malaria is also able to be found in Tajikistan and it’s best to talk with your physician local to get guidance on immunisations.

Cultural Sensitivity

You will often interact with locals, each with their own unique customs and traditions. You are asked to be respectful and considerate towards the local population. Your guides and tour leaders will always be able provide you with the appropriate advice.

First, it is crucial to remember that Central Asia has a more friendly approach to Islam than its neighboring countries of Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is an Muslim region, so it’s important to be cautious in certain areas. Long shorts and T-shirts are acceptable for males and females in cities, however if visiting any active mosques people should wear trousers that fall below the knee, and tops that cover their shoulders. Females should also be wearing their headscarf. The trip takes us to remote locations that aren’t typically visited by tourists. The locals are modest when it comes to their clothes and so you are likely to be more comfortable with your dress.

Language & Religion

Tajikistan’s official language is Tajik. Russian is still widely used for business and communication.

Most people follow Sunni Islam. A small number of people are followers of Russian Orthodox, Catholicism and Buddhism.

Food and drinks

The food on this tour tends to focus heavily on soups, meat and potatoes. In the more remote and higher altitude areas vegetables are difficult to come by. However, there’s a lot of dried fruits and nuts that you can try.

The alcohol options are limited to beer and vodka. Anyone who wants to experiment with something different, such as Scotch or Gin should buy the alcohol duty-free and bring it with them. It can be difficult to locate mixer drinks such as tonic water.

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