Kyrgyzstan Tours

Travellers who travel to Kyrgyzstan should not get immunized however they must have the most up-to-date Typhoid and Tetanus vaccines. It’s a good idea to ask your local GP for advice on the best immunisations as well as preventative treatments.

Food and beverages

The food in Kyrgyzstan is generally based around rice and meat, although the selection of vegetables and salads on offer are very varied. You can sample local cuisines while you travel, which often overlap with other ethnicities.

The alcohol selection is restricted to vodka or beers. If you want to try something else , such as Scotch or Gin – must purchase the alcohol duty-free and carry it with them. However, it is important to know mixers, including tonic water, are extremely difficult to find in Central Asia!

Cultural Sensitivity

You will often interact with the locals, all with their distinctive customs and traditions. We ask you to show respect and consideration to the locals. The tour guides and tour guides will always be in a position to provide you with the appropriate advice.

The first thing to mention about visiting Central Asia is that most cities and towns take a more relaxed view of Islam than their neighboring areas to the south in Afghanistan and Pakistan. In some areas, like Bishkek you’ll be shocked by the length of some women’s skirts! It’s a Muslim location, and it’s crucial to be aware in certain places. T-shirts and shorts are suitable for both genders. However, if visiting mosques, women should be sure to cover their shoulders, and wear pants or skirts that fall below the knee, and males should not wear shorts.

With only a little over 15% of the population following Islam, the majority of the population is Islamic.

Russian Orthodoxy

Language and Religion

Kyrgyzstan was one of two former Soviet Republics in Central Asia that retained Russian as their official language. In the 90’s Kyrgyzstan was declared to be a dual-language country that added Kyrgyz as a second official language. There are also ethnic Uzbeks and Tajiks in certain areas of Kyrgyzstan because of the previous Soviet policy.

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