Uzbekistan tours

The majority of Uzbekistan’s population are made up of ethnic Uzbeks who are classified as a Turkic group, but there are significant minorities of Russians, Tajiks, Kazakhs, Karakalpaks and Tartars. The majority of the population is Muslim. There are Orthodox Christians and Buddhists, Jews, and Jews who reside within the country. Uzbeks, as their Central Asian counterparts, are popular for their warmth and friendly. It is customary to greet visitors by handshakes and are considered to be polite to ask questions about the person’s family and health but without having to wait for answers.

Uzbekistan excursions are a wonderful occasion to try local cuisine and learn some tips with you. A typical meal might consist of dishes like palov rice, which is made by mixing rice with carrots, onions, and meat. Or mutton cooked in an oven called a tandir. Uzbeks can also enjoy manti dumplings as well as various Kebabs. Enjoy your Uzbek food with a cup of traditional black or green tea or drinking yogurt known as Ayran. Uzbekistan is, despite being a largely Muslim nation, is a secular state that allows you to enjoy the local wines.

Uzbekistan belongs to the group of Central Asian countries between Asia and the Middle East. Its neighbors include Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan. Uzbekistan is a coastal country along the Aral Sea as well as the massive, yet small, lake Sarygamysh. About 80% of the country is covered in the Kyzyl Kum, also known as the red sand desert, and only a tiny portion of fertile land in the Fergana Valley. The Uzbekistan mountains include the Tian Shan Range in the south of the country.

Uzbekistan’s bazaars are a shopper’s paradise. There, bargaining isn’t an everyday thing, it’s also a good laugh. Tashkent’s markets, especially the Chorsu Bazaar are great places to buy bargains. There is a lot of Soviet-era memorabilia such as stamps and portraits of Lenin as well as military uniforms and caps. Other local souvenirs include pale and intricately designed pottery, vivid clothing and rugs as well as jewellery made from traditional silver. The Bukhara bazaar is among one of the most beautiful, with its fresh produce stalls and smiling locals.

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